Falling Leaves

Land Art Exhibition, Idaho Botanical Garden, Boise. March 14 – April 26, 2020.

Together with eight other artists I was invited to participate in the juried Land Art Exhibition at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise to create an ephemeral installation. Ephemeral by definition means short-lived, transient, fleeting, or passing.

Unfired porcelain when exposed to the elements will dissolve over time. For Falling Leaves I hand built over 500 porcelain leaves and strung them unfired on wool. The leaves surrounding the artist statement and the ones with metal leaf were fired in the kiln so that they would retain their shape and serve as reminders of the leaves that had dissolved over time. I absolutely loved making this installation, it was right up my alley. Thank you for the opportunity. 

The show opened just before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

I dedicated this installation to my father who, as a landscape designer, created the most fantastic gardens.