“Memories of China” Show

In the month of December 2017 I was invited to a show by Gallery Fifty Five in McCall, Idaho (http://galleryfiftyfive.com). While making work for this show I reflected on the time I spent in China’s porcelain capitol, Jingdezhen, in October and November of 2016.

During my artist residency in China I changed the way I work. While my previous pieces mostly used white unglazed porcelain, I now experiment with layers of slips, oxides, glazes, decals, and gold luster. I like the depth my work gains by adding these details. China is a country deeply immersed in tradition, and symbolism is a vital part of it. The Chinese decals used here represent some of these symbols like the plum flower, bamboo, chrysanthemum, and fish. The hand built “lines” represent water but also remind of rice fields seen from above. These are the first in a series I call Fabrics of Life.